INSTEAD 3.4.0 with hi-dpi support is out! Changes are:

  • fix: pxl:fill_triangle cw order normalization;
  • fix: build with new SDL_image;
  • new: dpi awarness for win;
  • new: high dpi ready (scale by dpi/96 when HQ option is on);
  • new: -dpi parameter;
  • new: instead.screen_dpi();
  • new: theme scr.gfx.scale;
  • new: theme scr.dpi;
  • new: theme scr.scale_aware (1|2) - adaptive themes support;
  • new: run game from command line via path to main?.lua file;
  • enh: better scene pic scaling;
  • enh: SDL 2.0.14 for win build;
  • enh: use GetModuleName to detect exe path (win build);
  • new: pxl:tosprite (convert pxl to sprite with scaling);
  • enh: pxl:fill speedup when alpha is 255;
  • new: experimental gtk4.0 support.

Binary builds will be available as soon as they are ready.